The Women's Care Center's Education Division provides a comprehensive array of evidence-based programs and practices.

    High School

    REAL* Essentials Advance

    REAL Essentials Advance is relationship education for life, love and success. REAL Essentials Advance is skill-building for healthy, stable, life-long relationships, marriages and families.

    The goals of REAL Essentials Advance include reducing teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease and poverty.

    *Relationship Education and Leadership

    The 80/20 Supplemental Curriculum

    This curriculum is designed to impart required information about contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, it teaches Sexual Risk Avoidance with the 80/20 approach: 80% of the message focuses on healthy relationships, building personal power and self-regulation.

    Unmasking Sexual Con Games

    Unmasking Sexual Con Games, helps teens recognize and avoid coercion and the "con games" of unhealthy relationships. This curriculum is delivered in two to four 90-minute sessions.

Heritage Keepers®

Heritage Keepers® is an intensive, HHS-approved 450-minute curriculum.

          ⇒  Topics include: Building Relationships; the SAFE Plan; Love, Lust, Infatuation; STDs; Abstinence; My Values; Family Formation and Marriage




 For Sexually Active & At Risk Students

Gaining Personal Strategies (GPS)

Adult mentors help sexually active teens evaluate their current relationships and behaviors. In addition, it promotes healthy relationship formation and life skills.

Additional Curriculum "Boosters"

Additional Curriculum Boosters can be used In-School and After-School. They use concepts from curricula previously mentioned, and can include Life Coaching for Men, Life Skills and Stepping Stones programs.


     Parent2Parent: Parent Support

Families Talking Together

Families Talking Together was developed and evaluated by NYU, and is a parent-based intervention to reduce sexual risk behavior in youth. This intervention helps youth form healthy relationships, set goals, gain confidence, feel good about themselves and become healthy and productive adults. This intervention gives parents information, skills and tools to give ongoing adult support to youth.


Family Resources

⇒  Family Fun Night ideas

⇒  Family Talk Night materials

⇒  Sex, Lies and Hook-ups Parent Guidebooks

⇒  Simple Truths - A Simple, Natural Approach to Discussing Sex With Your Children


PEP Talks

⇒  Parent Encouragement Programs

⇒  Educate on current trends

⇒  In-school or in-home

⇒  Provide "parent connection" opportunities

    Professional Development

Curriculum Trainings

We offer curriculum trainings for "REAL Essentials Curriculum" and "Carington's Wild Character Adventure®". These trainings are 8-16 hours in duration and are offered throughout the year or by request.


CARE Model Workshops

CARE Model Workshops are Character-based, Asset skill-building, Relationship Education theory and methods. These workshops are tailored to meet the needs of each professional setting.

⇒  Examples include: WCC Education Division Overview, GPS Orientation Seminar, Curriculum Introductions, "Booster" Lesson Implementation